Georgia Association of FSA County Office Employees


             NASCOE extends a special Invitation for you to join a fine Organization NASCOE Represents “Loyalty, Service, Courtesy, & Effort”

What is NASCOE?

In 1958 county office employees organized state associations to work for employee benefits. In early 1959, the State Associations formed the National Association of County Office Employees. NASCOE is the national affiliate of the various state associations. A Board of Directors composed of two members from each state governs it. An executive committee is the executive arm of the Board of Directors. Dues are nominal and are paid through an individual’s state association.

Our objectives are to assist in every way possible to assure successful operation of FSA and the attainment of FSA’s objectives, to cooperate with other groups and organizations, to conserve and improve our soil resources, to secure equitable salaries, working conditions, and retirement provisions for all FSA county office employees and to promote the professionalism of our employees.

Since 1962, NASCOE has been granted exclusive recognition to represent full-time county office employees in negotiation with management on terms of employment and working conditions.


Any county level FSA employee who is serving under permanent appointment is eligible to become a member of NASCOE. In order for a candidate to become a NASCOE Member, they must first meet the eligibility criteria and submit dues to their respective state affiliate organization, which must forward the individuals NASCOE dues to the NASCOE Secretary Treasurer. For those other than permanent county level FSA employees, Associate Membership is available – see below.

*Honorary Life Membership Members of a state association since the second year of formation or from the first full membership year of employment until retirement and an annuity is earned will be eligible to receive an Honorary Life Membership. Associate Membership Many state office employees, county committee members, District Directors, temporary employees and retired employees, and friends choose to participate in and support NASCOE as an Associate Member.

*Associate Members share in the same benefits available to regular members and reap the rewards of NASCOE’s active legislative work on program delivery and federal employee issues.

Exclusive Benefits for NASCOE Members

The Following Benefits Offered Through J.M. Marketing, Inc.:

  • Cancer & Intensive Care Insurance
  • Accident & Disability Benefits Life Insurance, Heart Attack, Stroke, and Final Expense Polices
  • Supplemental Health & Hospitalization
  • Long Term Care through Mutual of Omaha
  • Pre-Paid Legal Services
  • Eye Care Discounts through Specs Vision
  • Prescription Drug Card

**Please call J.M. Marketing at 1(800) 330-6223 or visit their web site at for more details about the above policies and benefits available to you as a NASCOE member.

The Following Benefits Offered Through Dillard Financial Solutions INC.:

  • Roth IRA & 401K
  • Thrift Savings Plan
  • Social Security Payouts
  • Term & Whole Life Insurance
  • Survivor Benefits Plans
  • Annuities
  • Benefit Analysis
  • Providing products that provide income for life

**Please call Dillard Financial at 1(803)316-6240 or visit the on the web at

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